The Timothy A. Willits Memorial Fund was set up by the Willits Family in conjunction with HLOC to encourage people of all ages to participate in the administration of Humboldt County community theatre. After Tim retired, he was an active member of HLOC’s board and community doing a multitude of behind-the-scene tasks that helped keep the company moving forward.  From maintaining the web site to cleaning the SPACE; from ticketing to house managing, Tim was there to quietly make sure things were running smoothly.  It seems only fitting that this fund honor his memory by making it possible for others to learn about arts administration and contribute to keeping our local non-profit theatres thriving.

Timothy A. Willits

March 1956–December 2020

Tim was one of the most thoughtful, kind and gentle men one would likely meet. He was built of quiet strength. Words that have been used to describe him are that he was a man of integrity, honesty, loyalty, faithfulness, decency, generosity and wisdom. A statement he left with his wishes to be carried out when the time came was “About My Life: I didn’t always hit all the notes but I had a blast trying!” Despite him saying so, all who knew him know that he lived his life creating a symphony. That beautiful music is now quieted but his life’s song will continue to ring out as his memorial fund supports Humboldt County non-profit community theatres.

Tim was born as a 4th-generation member of a Humboldt County family. Other than when attending Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara, from which he received his B.A. in photographic sciences in 1980, Tim lived his entire life in Humboldt County.

Tim attended South Bay Elementary School, Jacobs Junior High and Eureka High. As unassuming as Tim was, his mother had to find out from Mr. Moehnke that a musical composition she heard at one of the high school performances had been composed by Tim. Tim could pick up and learn to play any musical instrument and became more than adept at some of them in short periods of time.

Tim spent the majority of his working life at Pacific Gas and Electric Company. In retirement Tim involved himself in many activities new to him and was a valued board member of Humboldt Light Opera Company.

Tim never desired to have many things. He was wise enough to know that the people in his life were what needed to be valued. He made sure those people knew their importance to him. He was loving and well-loved, and he would take great delight in knowing his legacy continues to support a community he loved.