Healthy aging is a lifelong process that encourages enrichment, independence, social engagement and—fun! Program classes are taught by experienced instructors who enjoy working with all ages and levels of mobility.

Current Class Offerings

Rockin’ Oldies Low Impact Movement

Does the music of the 50s and 60s get you up on your feet? This fun class will focus on balance, rhythm, and keeping your body active, all set to favorite toe-tappin’ oldies! All levels of mobility welcome.

Katie Strombeck, Instructor

Mondays 1pm—2pm / March 4—April 1

Functional Movement

Do you want to increase confidence in your body awareness and movement? This class, through a series of gentle Pilates-based exercises for healthy aging, will increase strength and coordination needed for everyday activities.

Chloe Schmidt, Instructor

Tues. 11am—12pm / March 5—April 2

Just Sing!

Have you always wanted to sing but have never felt you could? Maybe you used to sing and feel a little rusty? This class is for you. Learn how your voice works with breathing exercises and fun tunes, while you gain the many benefits of singing. We know you can do it—just sing!

Carol Ryder, Instructor

Wed. 1pm—2pm / March 6—April 3

Beginner Line Dancing

Did you know that “motion is the lotion?” Exercise your body and brain at the same time. Let’s have fun learning the basic steps of line dancing. There’ll be a little bit of country and old favorites to get you going.

Tom Schrader, Instructor

Thur. 1:30pm—2:30pm / March 7—April 4

Tai Chi: Joy Through Movement

Would you like to restore your vitality while calming the mind? This basic Tai Chi/Qigong class uses gentle, comfortable movements that are slow, soft, smooth and easy to improve balance, strengthen the body, promote resili-ence Results include focus, relaxation, better balance, and an overall “good feeling”.

Glenda Hesseltine ,Instructor

Thurs. 10:30am—11:30am / March 7—April 4

Come Meet Your Body

Do you have pain, discomfort, or limited mobility? Discover how your body’s habits are affecting your daily movements. Through a series of simple activities you can improve your balance and mitigate its discomfort. So come meet your body and understand how the two of you can work together for a more comfortable and active life.

Carl McGahan, Instructor

Fri. 12 pm—1pm / March 8—April 5

Interested in Our Classes?

Classes are held at HLOC’s SPACE
92 Sunny Brae Center, Arcata
5 week session $50 // Registration in class
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