What is the SPACE?

For over twenty years, HLOC looked for a place where people of all ages could have opportunities to explore their creativity, learn skills, and build confidence. A place where all of our endeavors could be housed to help promote and support the development of the performing artist in Humboldt County.

In March, 2015, HLOC opened the doors of the S.P.A.C.E. (Sunny Brae Performing Arts Enter for Education) at 92 Sunny Brae Center. After our dedicated crew of volunteers constructed the walls and dance floors, the SPACE consists of two large classrooms/rehearsal halls, a lobby and office, as well as storage space for sets and costumes, and a sewing area.

With this space we have been able to increase our HLO KidCo offerings. In addition, we have recently begun offering a unique array of classes called the Live Life Program, classes that benefit adults and older members of the community and encourages them to Move, Breathe, and Connect.

Humboldt Light Opera Company has always been a volunteer, self-sustaining non-profit organization dedicated to increasing participation in the performing arts for the individual well-being and improving quality of life for our rural community. HLOC’s SPACE is and will continue to be an educational gathering place that will enrich all of our lives and our community.

Interested in New Classes or Renting the SPACE?

HLOC is always developing classes at the SPACE.  If you are interested in teaching or perhaps have a particular class you would like us to offer, email us at info@hloc.org.

If you are interested in renting the SPACE for a rehearsal, a class in the performing arts or wellness, or a meeting, please contact HLOC at info@hloc.org for information.

Whether it is building a dragon, sewing a blue gingham dress for Dorothy, singing and dancing on stage, or ushering for KidCo performances, the success of HLOC is based on the unending support and dedication of our countless volunteers. Our volunteers vary by age, ability, availability and backgrounds which makes for a wonderful mix of talent and enthusiasm for everything they do. We are always looking for folks who want to make a difference and be part of our community. Interested in volunteering? Please fill out our volunteer interest form.

If you don’t have time, perhaps you would like to help HLOC continue to thrive with a donation to help us bring musical theatre productions and education to our community.

Humboldt Light Opera Company

92 Sunny Brae Center, Arcata, CA 95521
707.630.5013 | info@hloc.org