Summer Camps

Each camper will participate in a condensed version of a famous, family friendly musical. The final Friday of camp culminates at noon with a live performance for families and friends that showcases the campers hard work and creativity!

KidCo 2024 Summer Camp Session 1

Princess Aurora’s Adventures
June 17-28
Camps run for 2 weeks, Monday through Friday, 10:00am to 12:30pm

Dealing with three well meaning fairies and an evil sorceress, Princess Aurora has an exciting sixteenth birthday until she is put into a deep sleep by a magic potion. The fairies and Prince Philip have many adventures in the ten years Aurora is sleeping waiting to be awakened by a kiss from her prince.


KidCo 2024 Summer Camp Session 2

Simba's Adventures
July 8-19
Camps run for 2 weeks, Monday through Friday, 10:00am to 12:30pm

Cast out of his pride at a young age, Simba grows up beyond the Savannah, with the philosophy: No worries for the rest of your days. But soon he has to decide his future. Many exciting adventures await as he and his friends return to Pride Rock.


KidCo 2024 Summer Camp Session 3

Ariel's Adventures
July 29-August 2
A week long session with pre-show performance opportunities before HLOC’s “The Little Mermaid”
Monday through Friday, 10:00am to 2pm
 * please note daily camp times are longer than regular camp.

Ariel should be a happy girl, she lives in a beautiful world undersea, she’s a princess, and she has great friends. But she wants what she cannot have, to live on land. Her adventures take her to many new places and situations.


KidCo Scholarships

We offer scholarships  for students needing assistance with tuition.

About KidCo

Established in 1998, KidCo is the premier youth musical theater education program in Humboldt County. Our goal is to provide quality education in the varied arts of musical theater. Singing, dancing, and acting are taught in combination with theater games and stage etiquette.

KidCo instructors are all seasoned HLOC performers and trained vocalists with strong backgrounds in dance and acting. Through creative curriculum and positive energy, these experienced staff members guide the KidCo students towards learning not only the next musical or dance step, but teamwork, discipline, and skill.

Training in the performing arts has long been recognized as a strong self-esteem builder and creativity booster. All of our KidCo staff truly believe in the power of community and imagination that working together on stage provides.

Now more than ever our children need to feel connected to each other and to have a safe space for community self-expression.  The KidCo program is dedicated to providing children with access to the benefits of performing arts instruction during this difficult time.

We offer regular Fall and Spring sessions as well as a variety of fun summer workshops.

Core Classes

Tiny Twinklers

Ages 3-5
Students in Tiny Twinklers will explore musical theater acting and dance techniques in a nurturing environment through age-appropriate games and activities.  

Shining Stars

Ages 5-7
This is an entry level class for ages 5-7. Students get a introduction to musical theater, acting, and dancing as well as stage etiquette and gain skills in how to be a confident performer on stage. This class in perfect for any child interested in the performing arts!

Broadway Brilliance

Ages 8-11
This class is great for the beginner or intermediate musical theater student. We cover basic theater lingo, practices, and improvisation technique through fun games and groups activities. We also focus on encouraging healthy theater techniques while giving students the opportunity to build confidence on stage.

  • Advanced Instruction

Broadway Bound

Ages 8-11 * Teacher approval needed
Broadway Bound is an advanced class for students ready for a more intense look at musical theater and those who are ready to take on more challenging performance pieces. While this class still builds on basic skill such as healthy vocal production and building confidence on stage, students will also receive in-depth instruction on solo/small group performance, singing in harmony,  and increased dance vocabulary.

Production Workshop

Ages 12+ *Teacher approval needed
Production Workshop  is an audition based class for students 11+ who are ready to take the next step in their performance. PW offers a deeper look into the motivations and story telling behind the music as well as offering a faster paced curriculum. Large ensemble work for the Spring Revue will be in combination with Performance Workshop.

Meet Our Instructors

Cindy Cress

Cindy Cress


Cindy has taught KidCo since its first year in 1998. She graduated from HSU with her BA in Music and a minor in theater. Cindy has directed the program and multiple of its main stage productions, including Alice in Wonderland Jr and Once Upon a Mattress. She has appeared in many HLOC productions including her performance  of Minerva (stepsister) in Cinderella, Ruth in Pirates of Penzance (20), the Dragon in Shrek (2013) and Mad Margaret in Ruddigore (2017). Cindy teaches with KidCo because it combines the three things that she loves most; musical theater, children, and community values. Inspiring children to do great thing through the arts is her passion. Cindy shares her amazing life journey with her six beautiful daughters!
In addition to teaching KidCo classes, Cindy does teach privately!
*Private music lessons-ages 5-7 – An hour fun combined with piano basics, vocal training and theory
*Private voice lessons-ages 8+ -An hour of vocal training, ear training and theory

Katri Pitts

Katri Pitts


Katri Pitts has been a teacher with HLOC’s KidCo since 2001 and directed the KidCo program from 2005-2010.  Katri directed KidCo’s “Honk! Jr.” in 2007, “Sleeping Beauty Kids” in 2013, and co-directed HLOC’s “Anne of Green Gables: The Musical” in 2019 (with Cindy Cress).  She has served as musical director for many HLOC shows and is a frequent performer with the company. She also sings with the HLOC’s Women’s Chorus and the Eureka Symphony Chorus. Katri received her B.A. in Music Education and Vocal Performance and her Teaching Credential in Music from HSU (2003 and 2004, respectively).  She directs a full time music program for the Cutten/Ridgewood School District, teaching TK-6 general music, band, orchestra, and choir. Katri has a background in ballet, tap, and modern dance.

Fiona Ryder

Fiona Ryder

Instructor/ Accompanist

Fiona was a KidCo student in its first 10 years and is delighted to help make the KidCo experience possible for new generations. Over the years, she has been seen as Dorothy in Wizard of Oz (2008), Clara in Light in the Piazza (2009), Mabel in Pirates of Penzance (2010), and Mary in Mary Poppins (2015). After attending Boston University’s Tanglewood Institute and receiving her BFA in Vocal Performance from Carnegie Mellon in 2012, she returned to the area to continue her involvement with the loving arts community she feels lucky to call home. She is honored to foster the magic of musical education by taking care of KidCo communications and assisting and guest teaching in classes. 

Private Voice – All levels – Ages 9 +up

Whether it is building a dragon, sewing a blue gingham dress for Dorothy, singing and dancing on stage, or ushering for KidCo performances, the success of HLOC is based on the unending support and dedication of our countless volunteers. Our volunteers vary by age, ability, availability and backgrounds which makes for a wonderful mix of talent and enthusiasm for everything they do. We are always looking for folks who want to make a difference and be part of our community. Interested in volunteering? Please fill out our volunteer interest form.

If you don’t have time, perhaps you would like to help HLOC continue to thrive with a donation to help us bring musical theatre productions and education to our community.

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