Timothy A. Willits Memorial Fund
Arts Administration Development Fund for
Humboldt County Non-profit Community Theatres 

92 Sunny Brae Center
Arcata, Ca 95521

For every theatre event much of the work remains hidden. Arts administrators facilitate the business behind the scenes to make sure artists can create and the public can enjoy live community theatre.  Build your love for performing arts and prepare for a leadership position.


The Timothy A. Willits Memorial Fund provides support for Humboldt County non-profit theatre companies to address and assist overcoming challenges facing their organizations by encouraging training in Arts Administration Leadership.

  1. to provide financial assistance to students pursuing unpaid internships in non-profit community theatres that do not traditionally pay their interns
  2. to help fund mentors/consultants for specific organizational development need for a particular non-profit community theatre or entire such theatre community
  3. to pay for qualifying coursework or workshops for current or upcoming non-profit community administrator/s
  4. to help fund board leadership development for non-profit community theatre boards/members


  • Used for Humboldt County non-profit community theatres that produce local theatre with primarily local artists
  • Candidates should have an established association with Humboldt County community theatre/s and a desire to be part of the sustainability of local performing arts
  • Age limitation—18 and older
  • Yearly awarded amount a maximum total of $6,000. 
  • Applications will be reviewed and decisions made, generally, within 3 weeks of submission
  • Checks will be issued on the day of the workshop, the beginning of a course or internship.
  • Each applicant limited to one type of funding per submission.
  • Each qualifying non-profit community theatre can be awarded one grant per year. 
  • To be considered for subsequent funding, a follow up written report is required and, the theatre’s production programs must all contain an announcement of the fund or an acknowledgement/thank you for the specific use of the fund by the theatre for a season.
  • Should funded money not be fully disbursed in accordance with the terms of agreement between the Fund and applicant, said excess will be returned to the Fund


Marketing: social media, traditional media, promotion
Audience development
Financial planning/budgeting
Time management
Volunteer management/teamwork
New projects development
Website development and site re-development
Theatre operations
Grants research, writing and administration for non-profit community theatres
Legal compliance: insurance, venues, taxes, yearly filings